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The term "telemedicine" is a word used for many different medical practices. For us, telemedicine means "a medical procedure performed at one location, with the assistance of a remote medical expert (at another location) who can follow the procedure and provide advices in real time thanks to audio/video communications".

Quality of Experience (QoE) in telemedicine is of the highest importance. Indeed, when a patient's health is at stake, the best decisions must be taken to select the best equipment and find the optimal parameters (like bitrate) to reach a level of quality which enables an efficient remote assistance. And equipment in function must be monitored in order to detect and fix any possible problem.

About TeleMediQual

TeleMediQual is the first products line of monitoring solutions designed for telemedicine.

TeleMediQual is developed by AccepTV, a leading provider of perceived audio and video quality measurement technologies.

Software products

TeleMediQual proposes two solutions:

TeleMediQual Monitor

IP QoS Monitor


We also propose services in image and video processing. These services consist in consulting (studies) and software engineering.


Software engineering

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Product Highlight

IP QoS Monitor

Monitor QoS in real time
- Monitor packets loss, delay, jitter, reordering, corruption
- Monitor CPU/RAM usage
- Display real time maps
- Monitor remotely
- Compute statistics between two user-defined dates
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